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A Dream Fabric — Refreshing in the Summer and Warm in the Winter

Born from many years of research and development, Lunacel is a hybrid rayon that brings together the best aspects of proteins (animal proteins) and cellulose (vegetable fibers) for a comfort that keeps you refreshed in the summer and warm in the winter.

Meeting the Needs of Life's Many Situations

Lunacel features the sheen of silk and a luxurious texture with a fluffy yet firm and resilient feel coupled with a unique rustling sound. Its excellent deep dyeing performance also ensures it retains its deep colors and flexible texture.

Through a combination of silky filament yarn, naturally spun yarn, and other materials, Lunacel brings limitless possibilities to styles ranging from casual to elegant.

For exquisitely casual styles

For elegant fashions

For activewear

For leisure and sportswear

A Structure that Brings New Comfort

The Comfort of Lunacel

The Comfort of Lunacel

A Combination of Materials for Superior Functionality

Lunacel Functionality

Lunacel Functionality

Electron Microscope Image Comparison

Electron Microscope Image Comparison

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